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We're proud to offer the finest EPDM Roofing sheet (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) rubber roofing materials, EPDM supplies, EPDM adhesives and EPDM accessories from Weatherbond (division of Carlisle Construction Materials), Versico and other top suppliers. These EPDM Roofing products are engineered for the toughest applications including commercial buildings, RV's, pond liners, rooftop gardens, decks, residential, pond liners, landscaping and more.

We specialize in complete roof repair kits for all types of EPDM Repairs and replacement or repair of EPDM roofs including RV rubber roofs, commercial roofs, patios, etc. For DIY we have complete installation instructions.

Most popular roofing membrane is the Heavy duty 60 mil White EPDM with Flame Retardant -- the strongest, longest lasting EPDM membrane in the market. Its now available custom-cut by the foot. It features a limited lifetime warranty from Weatherbond and is Energy Star and LEEDS certified!

Recognized Contractor Certifications are available which enable contractors to offer both labor and materials warranties.

Our EPDM installation guide provides a step by step DIY installation details or check out the RV roof replacement guide. Reliable SEAMS are easily made to create larger sizes. EPDM roofing membrane repairs or coating can be made by several methods, depending on the repair needed. See our repair section below.

White EPDM Roofing Membrane, by the Foot or in RollsNEW: Our EPDM Roof Materials Estimator and RV RE-Roof Materials Estimator provide a quick calculation for how much you'll need to order.

All accessories and materials are fully compatible. We carry a full line of EPDM accessories including EPDM bonding adhesives, EPDM lap-seam tapes, EPDM Seam Cover tapes, Seam tapes, perimeter strips, EPDM Primers, T-joint covers, inside/outside corners, EPDM pipe flashings and termination bar.

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Black epdm roofing membrane, by the foot or in rolls


EPDM is available by-the-foot in:



We can create custom repair "Kits" for any application.



Note: All EPDM roofing can have factory lap-seams. These are a normal part of the manufacturing process. Seams are 1-2" wide overlap areas which are factory hot-fused. We are unable to guarantee that any single pieces will not have these seams.

  EPDM Rubber Roofing Products & Pricing:
These are premium repair kits with the best products available! Just add to cart and the kit contents can be edited as needed for your project.
5x5 Roof Patch / Repair
~10 x 15' Roof Repair
~9 x 30' RV or Building Re-Roof, w/AC
~9 x 34' RV or Building Re-Roof, w/AC
~9 x 40' RV or Building Re-Roof, w/AC *
(* above example fits RV roof area of 8 to 10 feet wide in one piece,
together with vent sealant, and trim/seal for A/C unit & front cab)

See the RV RE-Roof Materials Estimator and Large Roof Estimator for more exact kits and materials lists.

Yes, we can quote custom kits and very large sized roofs. Email your details to sales@bestmaterials.com, or use the Materials Estimator.

EPDM Membrane in All Sizes:
45 mil Black EPDM by the roll
60 mil Black EPDM by the roll
75-90 mil Black EPDM by the roll
Pond Liners: Large Size Rolls, up to 50x100' Black EPDM

  BLACK EPDM by the foot

  WHITE EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane ROLLS 50' and 100'
  WHITE EPDM by the foot

Samples of EPDM Membranes

EPDM Adhesives & Sealants:
Adhesives (all types of Membrane Bonding Adhesives/ Contact Cements)
Adhesives, Water Based (water based, compatible with all substrates)
Adhesives, Solvent Based (solvent based; strongest)
Low VOC, Solvent Based
(for Southern Calif SCAQMD, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia (several northern counties).
M1 Sealant / Adhesive (seam & detail sealant, convenient tubes)
One-Part Pourable Sealant (for curbs / sealer pockets)
Sealant / Caulking for Edges and Penetrations
EPDM Cleaners and Primers:
EPDM Primers (great for EPDM, TPO, and other substrates)
EPDM Seam & Splice Cleaners Toluene Seam Cleaner, pre-prime cleaners
EternaClean (spray can cleaner for small repair areas, seams, splices)
Weathered Membrane Cleaner (truck/special freight only)
EPDM Seam Tape, Lap-Seam, Seam Cover, Edge Seals, Flashing Tapes:
Cut-Edge Sealants (for sealing/finishing outside edge of lap seams)
EPDM Flashing Tapes (stretchable, uncured EPDM Faced with P/S)
EPDM Seam Cover / Seam Repair Tapes (EPDM Faced with P/S adhesive; use to reinforce lap seams for lifetime performance) EPDM Coverstrip Seam Cover Tapes, White and Black Colors in all sizes
Instructions for Seam Repairs
Eternabond RoofSeal White Popular 4" wide
roof seam/cover/repair tape. Can be applied in cold
weather, self priming.
Protective Mat (rolls out over top of EPDM to protect it when a top ballast is used)
Reinforced Perimeter Termination Strip (for wall terminations, aka RTS)
Seam Tape / Lap-Seam (Doublestick) Tapes (double-sided tape, seaming tape, Instructions for Use)
Video instructions for using Doublestick

EPDM Roof Coatings:

EPDM Roof Coatings

Corner Flashings, Inside/Outside Molded FlashingsEPDM Prefabricated Corners in Black or White, Inside and Outside Corners
Deck Pavers / Pads, Protection Pads
EPDM Pipe Flashing Boots, WHITE
EPDM Uncured Flashings (6-12" available in white black). Email us. Uncured is used to wrap corners and odd details.
Insulation Recover Board, R-Tech Insulation
Pipe SealsEPDM Peel/Stick Pipe Seals in Black or White for 1-6" Pipe Sizes
Pour-able Sealer Pockets/ Pipe Seals
Quick-Patches (EPDM faced, repair-patches, Email for info)
Reinforced Perimeter Cover Tape (6" white or black faced P/S tape)
Roller Tools (hand rollers for seams)
Roller Tools (stand-up rollers for field areas)
Roofing Screws and Plates (for mechanical attachment)
Termination Bar
Walkpads, Walkway Pads, Pavers, Protection PadsRoof Protection Pads and Pavers of All kinds
Related EPDM Rubber Roofing Products & Tools:
Aluminum Nails (for termination bar)
Butyl Sealing Rubber (for sealing perimeter metal and termination bar)
DekStrip Universal Flashing (great for roof transitions, cab-to-roof joints)
Caulking & Sealants for EPDM
DoubleStick (double sided super-adhesive for repairs, membrane and seams adhesion). Can use without a primer.
EPDM Cleaner (EternaClean, excellent for cleaning before repairs)
EPDM Roof Coatings (for coating older EPDM roofs)
EPDM Rubber Pipe Boots (for sealing round penetrations)
Eternabond Repair Tape (RoofSeal roof repair tape)
Fan-Fold Insulation Roofing Underlayment
General Information about FanFold Foam Underlayment
M1 Sealant / Adhesive (EPDM sealant for A/C, vents, etc)
Membrane Slitters
Metal Drip EdgeRoofing Edge Metals, Drip Edge Metals, L Metals and More (roof edge metal)
Metal Drip Edge Fasteners
Pipe Flashings (EPDM roof pipe-flashings)
Roller Covers (1/2" nap, Phenolic core)
Roller Covers (all types)
Roller Frames (use with roller covers)
Roller Tools (hand seam rollers)
Roller Tools, Heavy (Stand-up Heavy Membrane Rollers)
Roof Pavers (EPDM walk-deck interlocking paver tiles)
Roof Measurement Reports, Aerial Roof Size Reports
RoofSeal Black Black Faced Eternabond Repair Tape
RoofSeal White White Faced Eternabond Repair Tape
Shears / Scissors (great shears for cutting EPDM)
Stainless Steel Roofing Nails (for tacking edges and cuts)
Termination BarTermination Bar for Edge Termination. All sizes and types. (aluminum termination bar)
Underlayments, Fan-Fold Foam
Venting Items
Application Overview Start-to-Finish Movie
Bonding Adhesives, General Instructions
Bonding Adhesives Movie Overview (click, wait, start at minute 6:40)
Corner Flashing 4-Piece Method (uses Eternabond peel/stick flashing)
Corner Detail Option (other methods)
DekStrip, Flexible Flashing Installation (for transition areas)
EPDM Installation, Detailed Specifications
EPDM Insulation Fastening Video Instructions
EPDM Membrane Adhesion Overview (click, wait, start movie)
EPDM Membrane Installation Overview (click, wait, start movie)
EPDM Residential Roof Edge Details (click, wait, start movie)
EPDM Roof Installation Guide <--READ FIRST
EPDM Specs and Installation Details / Drawings
Flashing Details & Drawings, Commercial Roofing
Flashing Details & Drawings, Residential Roofing
Materials Estimator for Commercial Roofs (online calculator)
Materials Estimator for Small or RV Roofs (online calculator)
Metal Roof Retrofit Overview Brochure
Metal Roof Retrofit with EPDM, System Specs
RV Roof Repair Methods
RV Roof Replacement Pictorial (use together with above guides)
RV Slide Room Leak Repairs (movie link)
Seams and Seam Repairs (summary of all the options)
Seams, Basic Process For Creating New Seams using Doublestick
Seam / Lap Splice Creation Movie (click, wait, and start movie)
Seam Repair with Eternabond Movie (click, wait, and start movie)
Termination Details & Options (edge terminations)


Technical Data Sheets
EPDM Adhesive, Solvent Based
EPDM Adhesive, Water Based - Compatible with all substrates.
EPDM Cleaners
EPDM Cover Tape / Repair Tapes
EPDM Membrane (black)
EPDM Membrane (white)
EPDM Paver Tiles
EPDM Primer
EPDM Seam Tape
FanFold Insulation Underlayment

TPO Membranes / Single Ply Roofing Products

MORE EPDM Roofing Systems:EPDM WalkPad and Walkway Products
You can apply EPDM to most any existing roofing system. More information is here:
Ballasted EPDM Roofing Overview
Ballasted EPDM Roofing Detail Guide
Walk Deck Paver Tiles, for Ballasted Roofing
BUR Roofing EPDM Retrofit Overview (large file)
EPDM / Hot Mopped Detail Guide
Fan-Fold Insulation Roofing Underlayment (for recovers on rough surfaces)
Fleeceback EPDM with AquaBase Adhesive, Detail Guide (used to meet increased uplift and UL / FM requirements)
Metal Roof EPDM Retrofit Overview
Metal Roof EPDM Retrofit Detail Guide
Rooftop Garden Systems


EPDM ROOF COATING: The best EPDM coating depends on your application and environment. We have products for roofs which get light foot traffic, products for enhanced heat reflection, and such. RoofMate HT is most popular. All repairs should be made before coatings are applied. EPDM Cleaning AND Priming using an EPDM primer is a must, before applying any coating to assure good long-term adhesion, regardless of manufactures claims. Primer is SCRUBBED into the surface, as per manufacturers instructions.

SEAMS: This is the most important area of any roof installation, repair or replacement. Three popular methods:

  1. Use Eternabond Doublestick: < -- click link for instructions. This is self-priming, longer lasting and potable water grade. After making seam, then seal outside edges of the EPDM with M1 sealant, OR
  2. Using Primer with Butyl Seam Tape: First clean the EPDM surfaces to be seamed with a Scotch-brite pad; stir primer well; then apply EPDM Primer to both surfaces by scrubbing into the surfaces with the Scotch-Brite pad; let primer dry about 10 minutes; then apply Doublestick / Seam Tape to one side of EPDM following seam tape instructions; then fold over the other side of EPDM; then begin to remove release liner and simultaneously ROLL overlapped seam WELL to fuse sealant as your go. See Video Movie of Seam Tape application process. Finishing Seam Edges: Either add M1 sealant at exposed cut edge AND,
  3. Highly recommended: Create Double Overlap Seam. on the outside surface along the exposed seam, clean and apply EPDM Primer and apply a secondary Coverstrip layer, like this.

SEAMS REPAIRS: EPDM seam failures are a common first point of aging related wear out. Old seams can be repaired and reinforced to greatly extend the life of a EPDM roof. First clean the EPDM surfaces to be seamed; apply EPDM Primer with a scotch brite scrub pad and gloves, scrubbing primer into both surfaces; let primer dry, about 10 minutes; then apply Doublestick Seam Tape in between the overlapping layers following seam tape instructions. THEN on the outside surface along the exposed seam, clean and apply EPDM Primer and apply a secondary Coverstrip layer. EPDM Coatings are applied last, over all repairs. EPDM primer should be used under all coatings.

EPDM CLEANING: The can be accomplished several methods, depending on the type of cleaning needed. The objective is to remove all surfaces contaminate and create a fresh surfaces. Burnishing with a plastic scrub pad is quick and effective. EternaClean is also effective. For very large areas, scrubbing with a mixture of TSP and bleach is used by some. Regardless, the final surface must be free of dirt and not have any powder-like residues. Follow cleaning with an EPDM Primer. Special EPDM cleaners are available which etch away a layer EPDM. These are strong materials which can harm other surfaces. Email us for more information.

EPDM MEMBRANE ADHESION: First clean surfaces to be bonded. Stir well, then apply adhesive to both surfaces with roller, and allow solvent to flash off until tacky. Then set carefully roll EPDM adhesive coated membrane into adhesive, rolling out any bubbles as you go. Detail Instructions. EPDM adhesives included water based (VOC / solvent free/ non-flammable), solvent based (greater adhesion), and M1 Sealants (for smaller repairs. Smaller areas and repairs can also use Eternabond Doublestick.

EPDM TEAR OR BUBBLE REPAIRS: Email us at sales@bestmaterials.com with a description of your repair problem for a more detailed recommendation.

Generally smaller tear repairs or (bubbles) can be made by cutting and peeling back the membrane as far as needed to get to solid adhesion areas (cut with a razor knife as needed). Clean deck and the underside of membrane as above. Prime both surfaces. Apply M1 or EPDM adhesive. Lay EPDM Membrane back and roll out bubbles. In high stress areas (most RV roofs), add mechanical fastening along each repair edge using stainless steel ring shank nails or SS staples. Clean the outer layers. Apply Eternabond RoofSeal or EPDM coverstrip, and overlap the coverstrip past the repair line 3 inches in each direction. Roll all seams using a seam roller. Alternative methods:

HOW CAN I TELL ITS EPDM? White EPDM used on RVs is white on the outside and black on the bottom. It bends and forms EASILY (and thus will wrap edges easy). A few newer motor-homes have used TPO or PVC membrane. This will be very stiff. TPO and PVC can also be melted and seams are welded, not glued. Sometimes TPO has an additional black layer on the back which has reinforcement fabric embedded in it. EPDM is not generally produced with a reinforcement.

EPDM roofing membrane (rubber roofing) is a high performance synthetic rubber (elastomeric polymer) synthesized from ethylene, propylene and a small amount of diene monomer, compounded with carbon black, processing oils and various cross-linking and stabilizing agents. EPDM roofing has been used for over 45 years, with more than 600,000 warranted roof installations and more than 25 billion square feet. Annually, EPDM accounts for over 1 billion square feet of new roof coverings in the United States, and is still the most frequently used roofing material in the marketplace. White EPDM has been installed on RV's since the early 1980's. Providing flexibility, low maintenance, ease of repair, clean appearance, noise insulation, and temperature insulation. White EPDM roofing membrane is now standard on 3 out of 4 new RV's. Now the energy efficiency of white EPDM makes it ideal for house boat roofs, mobile home roofs, and residential flat or low pitched house roofs.

Our EPDM Roofing System Features:

  • ICC-ES Evaluation Report Testing of our EPDM Materials.
  • Fire Code Approveal , FM & UL Rating Guide
  • Cyclical membrane fatigue resistance
  • Proven hail resistance
  • High resistance to ozone weathering and abrasion
  • Flexibility in low temperatures
  • Superior resistance to extreme heat and fire. Our EPDM is specially formulated to inhibit the spread of flames. It meets or exceeds code criteria for fire retardant roofing membranes and UL Class “A”testing standards.
  • Thermal shock durability
  • Ultraviolet radiation resistance
  • Very high wind uplift resistance - up to I-120 Factory Mutual rating
  • Ease and speed of application without special tools
  • Cold applied, non-flammable adhesive systemsRoof Top Garden EPDM Roof System

ROOF TOP GARDENS: EPDM Roofing Systems - We have Roof Garden Systems available with a variety of waterproofing options and a full line of accessories to insure a high performance system. This includes a range of membranes such as the 60-mil EPDM and TPO which are ideal for the Ultra Extensive Roof Gardens (shallow) with 15-20 life expectations. Standard Roof gardens in 4" to 8" of depth are classified as a Medium Assembly (Extensive) using 75-mil EPDM or 72-mil TPO membranes 10-15 year lifecycles, and 90-mil EPDM or 80-mil TPO membranes for 20 years. For the Intensive Roof Gardens (deep), the membrane options include 90-mil EPDM, 80-mil TPO and the 115 through 145-mil FleeceBACK membranes. Also available is an option mop down the AFX FleeceBACK EPDM membranes over two plies of base felts to provide a durable hybrid system. Rooftop Garden Specifications and Construction (very large PDF file) provides more information.


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